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Advantech-DLoG launches the TREK-510

05 July 2011

Advantech-DLoG, a leading mobile computing platform provider, has introduced the TREK-510, an economical and compact ARM-based, industrial-grade, in-vehicle box computer.

The computer fills a niche for customers who need a simple system with necessary functionality: tracking, positioning, and I/O with complete WWAN support, including GPRS, CDMA or HSDPA.

The TREK-510 mobile data terminal makes in-vehicle communications more efficient, monitors on board vehicle systems and driver behaviour, and helps fleet managers effectively operate and manage their fleets.

TREK-510 is a no frills workhorse, with just the right features at a lower cost, designed for local fleets such as short haul trucking, couriers, local common carriers, private delivery fleets, utility cars, and waste disposal trucks. It is the best solution for the next generation of in-vehicle, microprocessor–based black boxes, filling entry-level and middle-range markets. Coupled with the TREK-303 Smart Vehicle Display, with auto light sensor and easily installed single cable connection to the computing box, the solution provides a strong foundation for a wide range of fleet in-vehicle needs.

Nowadays fleet owners are placing higher and higher demands on mobile data terminals for fleet management systems - a job that standard systems can no longer do adequately. TREK-510 is a great step up for customers who are looking to upgrade from a microprocessor-based black box to a dedicated, in-vehicle data terminal loaded with advanced features. And customers can easily develop their applications to run on TREK’s familiar Windows® CE platform, reducing overall development time.

TREK-510 product features at a glance:

* Able to manage advanced vehicle diagnostics
TREK-510 supports advanced vehicle diagnostics using CAN bus technology and adhering to the J1939 standard. This allows it to be easily interfaced to vehicle components with a twisted pair connection, and to communicate real-time diagnostics information to the driver or central dispatch office. This efficient information exchange preempts component failure and keeps vehicles on the road longer, saving money and helping fleets remain competitive.

* Designed specifically to meet the challenges of an in-vehicle environment
TREK-510 works in transient power conditions, cramped spaces, and fluctuations in cab and vehicle temperatures. It is SAE J1455 Class A/ SAE J1113 certified, and it also meets ISO7637-2 standards. Power management software (with ignition on/off, delay on/off, and low battery monitor) guards against electrical noise and surges, and prevents system damage. TREK-510 operates in a range of temperatures from -30°C to 70°C, and the chassis is sealed and certified against shock and vibration, passing the MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.5 military grade standard.

* Friendly SW development environment
Software development is always a headache for micro-processor based platforms. TREK-510’s Windows® CE operating system makes using the terminal intuitive. An SDK assists customers with rapid application deployment across the entire TREK family of products.

* ARM technology brings additional benefits
Efficient use of power is ensured with the TREK-510’s ARM-based STMicro Cartesio SoC. Low power consumption is ideal for in-vehicle applications. When the system is running in normal mode, this is around 3 watts (with no peripherals or display). Low power consumption and the ability to operate under adverse vehicle conditions ensure continuous performance in critical applications.

TREK-510 is available now; please contact a sales representative or visit the Advantech website (www.advantech-dlog.com) for more information on in-vehicle computing solutions.

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