Modbus protocol added to signal conditioning monitor

28 June 2011

Monitran adds the industry standard communications protocol Modbus to its popular and robust g-mac signal conditioning module

Monitran has announced the addition of Modbus to its g-mac accelerometer signal conditioning module which enables the g-mac to be networked and communicate vibration levels to computers and other networked devices; and therefore allows it to play a crucial role in machine protection and process monitoring.

Andy Anthony, Monitran’s operations director, said: “With vibration levels typically providing the earliest indication of wear in bearings and gears, for example, accelerometers are playing an increasingly important role in condition-based predictive maintenance routines. Now that our g-mac signal conditioning unit includes Modbus it is even easier to communicate vibration levels over a network.”

Monitran’s g-mac module is in a standard DIN format for rail mounting and can accept any standard two-wire accelerometer. In addition to the Modbus interface there are three analogue outputs. These are: acceleration (proportional to 4-20mA or 0-10V DC); an ISO 10816-3 overall root mean squared (RMS) velocity signal (also proportional to 4-20mA or 0-10V DC); and the raw, alternating current (AC) generated by the accelerometer.

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