Real-time mathematics option boosts power measurements

21 June 2011

A real-time mathematics option on the Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder offers new DSP-based functions that boost the instrument's power analysis capabilities as well as adding features such as sensor linearisation and electrical to mechanical conversion.

With the /G3 option, the DL850 ScopeCorder offers up to 16 real-time DSP channels and 30 mathematical functions including calculations of power, sensor linearisation, rotary encoding and mechanical displacement. The mathematical sampling rate is up to 10 megasamples/sec, while the filter sample rate is up to 1 megasample/sec.

In the real-time mathematical computations on waveform data, the digital signal processor uses the output data of the input module as its source and outputs the computed data to the acquisition memory of the DL850 ScopeCorder. Using real-time mathematics, input channels can be multiplied, divided or integrated, and dedicated functions such as power integration, 3-phase real power measurements and differentiation can be carried out.

The portable DL850 ScopeCorder is said to combine the benefits of a high-speed oscilloscope and those of a traditional data acquisition recorder. Because of its large acquisition memory, it is able to capture and analyse both long-term trends over measurement periods of up to 30 days and transient events with sample rates up to 100 megasample/sec.

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