Simple solution for effective proactive maintenance

14 June 2011

Proactive maintenance can offer the potential for cost savings for process and manufacturing industries, so choosing equipment with this in-built ability can provide competitive advantages.

Reliable function diagnostics is especially important in high-dynamic machines such as those used throughout the printing and paper industry.

Balluff has introduced a cost-effective way to detect deviations in quality in the manufacturing process in real-time indirectly through a sensor. With the company’s Dynamic Sensor Control (DSC) compatible sensors, a special Balluff version of standard binary sensors can output not only the switching and error signal, but also warning and trend messages.

The increasing contamination of a photoelectric sensor, wandering of a target in the direction of the inductive sensor, for example are events which can be reported in real-time to the controller. All that is required to connect and send the switching signals, error messages and warning is 3-conductor standard cable because the dynamic information is modulated over the standard binary signal. Multi-conductor cables are not required needed.
All that is required is a connection to a DSC sensor hub. This collects and condenses the information from up to eight DSC ports to one IO-Link port on the Master, which passes the signals on to the controller over the fieldbus.

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