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AlfaBlue transforms oil cooling

07 June 2011

A modular air heat exchanger designed to cool transformer oil, the AlfaBlue BO from Alfa Laval, is available in a range of capacities from 50 to 600kW and is suitable for both in-situ and remote installations.

Modular in nature, AlfaBlue BO coolers are of the OFAF (OilForced/Air Forced) type and are supplied either skid or pallet mounted for simple installation and start-up. The units can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the duty. Fan motors are removable, ensuring rapid access for cleaning and maintenance and the casing is strong and rigid enough to withstand vibration and thermal shocks.

The aluminium fans are available in three diameters– 800, 900 and 1000mm) and are arranged in a single row. Five different fan speeds and/or noise levels can be selected and the unit is also available in a dual-fan speed version. The fan motors use energy sparingly thanks to low static pressure. In addition, the heat exchanger coils provides excellent heat transfer performance which increases overall thermal efficiency. Copper tubing is standard on the units but aluminium is also available as an option. Where the exchangers are exposed to highly corrosive environments, the coils can be further protected with F-Coat or Blygold coatings or an aluminium epoxy coating.

Every AlfaBlue BO air heat exchanger is manufactured to CE and PED standards in ISO 9001 certified workshops and undergoes a pressure and leak test with dry air at 6Barg at 1000 C before being packed for shipping and installation.

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