Tackling preventative maintenance in a targeted way

31 May 2011

Products4Automation has launched PILOT Maintain, the latest module in its Felten PILOT MES platform which makes it possible to plan preventative maintenance for all devices, systems and machines relevant for the production process in a targeted way.

The reliability of a system is of vital importance, because breakdowns of individual machines can lead to critical bottlenecks for production. However, maintenance concepts cannot be limited solely to quickly resolving errors and faults. They also have to ensure that breakdowns are prevented from the start, where possible. In view of todays complex machine structures, this usually can only happen with the help of software systems for maintenance control.

As part of preventative maintenance management, the PILOT Maintain module provides information about planned, upcoming and recurring maintenance and inspection activities. The maintenance intervals can be set by time, production volume or machine runtime. The overall results of the maintenance and repair work are documented for later in-depth analysis as needed. In addition, it is possible to define threshold values. If the values are exceeded, a warning message is automatically sent to specified persons or the machine or system areas are even sealed.

The PILOT Maintain module provides MES integration based on versatile interfaces to the other modules in the PILOT MES platform. It enables control of repair and maintenance work via a Web system or PDA, providing automatic notification of upcoming maintenance or repair intervals. The module allows selective automatic or manual planning of preventative maintenance work, and also definition of special repair or maintenance reasons for all components concerned. It provides the user with detailed reports of all repair and maintenance results, and the display of documents that support repair and maintenance work. In addition, historic representations of all statistics and actions of systems and/or machines are also provided.

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