Strategy for optimisation of energy usage in the industrial sector - Whitepaper

06 May 2011

The industrial sector consumes half of the world's total delivered energy, making it the largest end-user sector. ODVA plans to raise awareness of energy consumption and offer control strategies that can optimise energy usage throughout the industrial ecosystem from the plantfloor to the grid.

To provide an overview of its vision, it has produced a Whitepaper titled Optimization of Energy Usage. Optimization of energy usage (OEU) results from the industrial consumer being empowered with the ability to make informed choices regarding the use and conservation of energy.

ODVA's plan leverages the core competency of its information and communication technologies, which are grounded in its media independent network protocol - the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). For OEU between processes and other systems in the production domain, ODVA seeks to include energy-oriented objects and services within CIP that permit the transparent and seamless flow of energy information and enable systems to perform energy metering and management.

The free whitepaper can be viewed at:

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