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The Kral Volumeter

06 May 2011

The KRAL Volumeter ‘s are ideally suited to measure the fuel consumption of diesel engines and gas turbines and the water injection measurement of gas turbines. They can measure supply and return line flow which together with temperature and fuel pulsation compensation ensures that the fuel consumption is precisely measured. Operators need accurate fuel consumption data to help reduce costs and to determine whether manufacturers specifications are being met. Where the manufacturer leaves the fuel consumption measurement to its customers there are always differing views about the type of measurement used. By integrating fuel consumption measurement the manufacturer can overcome this problem.

In many industries there are also flow measurement applications in development and production test stands, where requirements are very high. Even with a wide range of flow rates measurements must be precise as the entire performance curve of the unit under test must be checked. In addition, various sizes may be tested on the same stand which requires a wide measuring range. The KRAL Volumeter ‘s extremely precise measuring chamber ensures a linearity of plus or minus 0.1% over a flow range of 100:1. KRAL also offers linearization and temperature compensation when even higher levels of measurement precision are required.

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