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Mecmesin Launches New Cost-Cutting Torque Tester

06 May 2011

Mecmesin’s new Vortex-xt cuts recall costs because it improves efficiency and reduces waste.

It’s a cost-effective solution as it measures release, application and stripping torque on tamper-evident closures. It’s able to identify bridge breaks and can help to avoid spinners.

The Vortex-xt has top-load functionality and can be easily adapted to test child resistant closures or unusual containers using Mecmesin’s bespoke fittings and moulded mandrels.

And it’s so easy to use: one button launches the test and its stand-alone system means that no PC is required, making it ideal for production areas.

The machine’s simple set-up means manufacturers can test clockwise and counter-clockwise torques of packaging components, such as the application and release torque of screw closures, with merely two clicks of the touch screen interface. Utilising colour-coded results, the large, clear display enables very easy identification of pass/fail sample conformance.

The Vortex-xt is designed to make routine measurements quick, whilst still providing users with detailed results data, as well as reporting capabilities, if required. Users have the choice of viewing a graphical ‘live’ display of the test for observational purposes, or multiple test results in tabulated form, to begin making comparisons and, subsequently, to evaluate them in more depth with a choice of calculations. The data collected can then be easily exported to statistical process control software.

Up to 5 frequently used tests can be stored for quick access and initiation by different users, without the need for a high level of technical or test application knowledge. Password protection allows ‘administrators’ to alter test set-up and template design, thereby avoiding any accidental changes to programmable functions.

Rated to 10N.m, the Vortex-xt completes Mecmesin’s range of 3 motorised torque testing systems, which includes the basic Vortex-d and the top-of-the-range Vortex-i computer-controlled test system.

The Managing Director of Mecmesin, John Page, says: ‘Our goal is to make routine sample checks as easy as possible. We realise manufacturers want to make instant, time expedient checks on their products before shipment, therefore the Vortex-xt ensures reliable, user-friendly performance for production staff with minimal set-up time and training requirements. Adding versatility, this motorised torque tester can also be programmed, for those occasions where special one-off test routines are needed.’


Mecmesin is a privately owned British company, based in Slinfold, West Sussex. It has offices in China, America, France and Thailand and a world-wide network of distributors.

Mecmesin provides bespoke solutions and has a special applications department with a large ratio of engineers.

To view the website, see: www.mecmesin.com

For more information, please e-mail: info@mecmesin.com or phone + 44 (0) 1403 799 979



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