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Belden and FMN cooperate in the industrial WAN space

03 May 2011

Partnering with FMN communications GmbH, Belden is now able to offer dedicated Hirschmann industrial WAN products, allowing its customers to deploy effective WAN solutions with the minimum learning curve.

Belden has joined forces with FMN communications GmbH to introduce two Wide Area Networking (WAN) products that combine the WAN expertise of FMN and the LAN expertise of Hirschmann.

The first of the new products is the FMN alpha DSL WTM HS, which is a universal ADSL modem especially designed for use in industrial environments. The ADSL modem is available in two variants, known as A and B. These cover the Annex A and Annex B standards which are currently in use across Europe. At the time of launch, both variants are only certified for Europe.

Supported data transmission rates are
- ADSL2+ max. 24 Mbps (Downstream)
- ADSL2 max. 12 Mbps (Downstream)
- ADSL max. 8 Mbps (Downstream) – and up to 1 Mbps (Upstream)

The second new product is the FMN alpha UMTS WTM 3 HS. This is a 3G wireless WAN modem and router designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Supported data transmission rates are
 -HSDPA 7,2 Mbps (Downlink)
- HSUPA 1,4 Mbps (Uplink)
- GPRS/EDGE Class B, Multislot Class 10

Both models have metal housing, operating temperatures between -25°C and 55°C, and support 10 to 60 VDC or Power over Ethernet. The ADSL product is a plug and play device. There is no user interface. The UMTS product has an intuitive HTML interface. The UMTS modem offers one antenna interface for 3G wireless, plus an additional antenna interface for signal diversity. The second antenna interface also supports GPS, which can provide an accurate clock for all devices in a network system.

ADSL and UMTS technologies are used where it is not possible to deploy a LAN, either for cost reasons or geographic conditions. As part of a complete Hirschmann
 system, these new products allow Belden to offer a total solution for industrial applications which require telemetry, such as water and waste water treatment plants, and electrical substations. By taking advantage of the support for PPPoE and OpenVPN, factory and process automation applications can benefit from secure remote access for supervision and maintenance.

The rapid growth of the industrial WAN market has resulted in a proliferation of office-grade products in industrial housings. The FMN devices have been designed from the ground up to meet the physical long-term challenges of industrial environments. Unlike their office-grade counterparts, the FMN products offer just the essential software functionality required for operation in industrial networks. As a result, they can be deployed by engineers who have little or no experience of WAN technology.

Holger Heilmann, director sales and development at FMN, said: "FMN has been supplying high quality communications products to the European market for almost 60 years. Of course, our hardware is engineered to the highest German standards, for maximum reliability and long-term operation.

At the same time, the intuitive and user-friendly software interface of our ADSL and UMTS products allows our customers to achieve their objectives with the minimum learning curve. The WAN expertise of FMN combined with the LAN expertise of Hirschmann will enable Belden to provide its customers with a seamless solution for their industrial networking requirements."

Mark Cooksley, product manager at Belden, said: “These FMN products are the perfect addition for our Hirschmann product range. The hardware is optimized for operation under harsh environmental conditions. The software offers the right functionality without the unnecessary complexity of typical office devices.”

Mark Cooksley adds: “Belden customers are demanding WAN connectivity. With FMN as our partner, we are able to offer a product portfolio which exceeds their expectations.”

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