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Trip the Light Fantastic!

21 April 2011

Illuminated Bezel Kits for Kiosk Printers now available from DED Designed by DED Limited, the D500 series of illuminated bezel kits is now available.

A low cost add on for use with any printer than prints onto paper of up to 80mm wide, the D500 series kit not only draws the customers attention to the printed receipt on a kiosk, but also enhances the quality of paper output by enabling simpler routing of the paper / receipt through the case of the kiosk itself.

Two mounting options are available – the first is the standard bezel on its own which can be mounted on the front of any printer which prints on paper up to 80mm wide as well as inside the kiosk. Two fixing points are provided.

The second has been designed for use specifically with the Star Micronics TSP743 printer. This kit consists of the standard bezel mounted on an adaptor which is fixed directly on to the printer using a high strength adhesive pad. The kit takes its power from the peripheral drive (cash drawer) circuit and the power cable is included to make integration very simple.

Both versions of the bezel kit include a translucent bezel which houses the control PCB and the option of green and red LEDs or blue and red LEDs. Other customised LED colours are available on request.

Whichever kit is used, the bezel is capable of operating in 2 different modes. In stand alone mode the green or blue LEDs will start to flash when a receipt is printed and will stop when it is taken. In program mode the different LEDs can be controlled by command to flash any combination of LEDs.

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