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A-Safe targets top effective events in Europe

21 April 2011

A-Safe, with its unique polymer safety barrier protection systems, is targeting Europe to build on their excellent UK reputation and developing its burgeoning presence in Europe. Attending a series of major trade exhibitions is planned for the rest of 2011, beginning with ‘Maintenance 2011’ to be held in Antwerp, Belgium 6-7th April. This follows unprecedented success for the company having attended ‘Logimat’ in Stuttgart earlier this year

James Smith, Director, A-Safe was upbeat in saying: "We believe there is an untapped market in Europe, judging by the response we got in Stuttgart from potential and existing world renowned Blue Chip customers as well as resellers, who have equal belief in the A-Safe system"

The main theme for ‘Maintenance’ comes under the banner of ‘SUSTAINABLE MAINTENANCE’ to showcase the latest products, service, and trends in this industry. A-Safe barriers does exactly that; unlike steel, which simply dents or crumples when a vehicle hits it, an A-Safe barrier has inherent strength and structural memory allowing them to buckle on collision, dissipating impact forces and then springing back to the original state. There is the significant and highly relevant, added bonus of little floor damage when impacted. Naturally, this greatly reduces the need for damage repairs, both to the barrier and to the vehicle itself: sustainability in action from A-Safe.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, so three more events have been booked: CeMAT in Hanover, Germany from the 2nd- 6th of May; Safety and Health Expo at the NEC, Birmingham from the 17th - 19th May and A+A in Dusseldorf, in Germany again, from the 18th - 21st of October.

As a growing and evolving company, A-Safe aims to deliver a philosophy of offering the highest level of personal customer service in regard to safety protection, as befits this closely knit, but friendly, family-owned business. Every client is treated to solution-based consultation, advice, CAD design and application. Every job is tailor made to suit the discerning customer’s needs down to the last detail. If there is no ready product to hand, A-Safe and their clever design team will invent a new one.

Holger Ragge, Director of A-Safe GMBH, corroborated James Smith in commenting: "The Logimat was a tremendous success with more than 1.000 potential clients visiting our stand. As an example, we are now in talks with all German car manufacturers. Based in Stuttgart, the exhibition was also visited by a large number of Swiss and Austrian companies which directly led to the first large orders from those countries as well"

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