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New energy logger helps lower costs

21 April 2011

Rocketing energy costs are affecting everyone, creating an urgent requirement for an analysis of energy efficiency. To meet this need, Gemini Data Loggers has developed the Tinytag Energy Logger, which is a simple, safe tool for the non-invasive assessment of energy efficiency in both single and three phase power supplies

Designed for improved accuracy and ease of use, the Tinytag Energy Logger provides the level of performance required by experts with the level of simplicity required by energy management novices.

The new energy logger provides a clear analysis of energy efficiency, enabling the rapid identification of power hungry equipment and processes. As a result, users are able to reveal opportunities for improvement through the implementation of new working procedures and new technologies. For example, the data logging capacity provides graphical time-based reports of power consumption, which can help identify inefficient equipment and peak load times, and highlight equipment that is left idling unnecessarily.

Developed in the UK, the Tinytag Energy Logger can be used as both a hand-held unit for spot checks and as a data logger for longer term monitoring. It is the latest in a long series of data loggers that have been developed for a wide range of applications over the last 19 years. Operation is deliberately easy; logging can be initiated by the touch of a button, so users do not need a laptop to operate the device on site. In common with all Tinytag products, the logger is configured with intuitive software that does not require user training and has been developed for speed, flexibility and simplicity.

The Tinytag Energy Logger has been designed to allow users to test and monitor the power usage of both individual devices and complete facilities. Lightweight, portable and self-configuring, the device is extremely easy to use and does not require the exposure of any live wires or terminals so it is also very safe.

Nigel Palmer, from Gemini Data Loggers, is delighted with the launch of the new Tinytag Energy Logger. He says "Cost reduction is obviously a major benefit of this device; not just in terms of lower electricity bills, but also, for many organisations, in compliance with the CRC EES regulations. However, electricity consumption is also a significant component of a company's carbon footprint and as such the effective evaluation of energy efficiency is an important part of environmental or sustainability policy.

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