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Safe Silo Weighing

18 April 2011

Sartorius Seismic Mount provides stability in extreme situations

Silos to be installed in earthquake-endangered areas place the highest requirements on design and materials used. Only equipment designed to stand up to extreme stress can ensure that the entire construction will withstand the tremendous forces that arise during an earthquake. This naturally also applies to silos, which have to be safely weighed while being securely supported.

For safe weighing of silos, Sartorius now offers a product solution especially designed to meet the extreme requirements of earthquake-endangered areas. The construction of the Seismic Mount load cell mounting kit offers maximum security on the one hand, yet enables tilting of the load cells caused by thermal or mechanical expansion or contraction of the silo or its supporting structure, on the other hand. In this way, the risk of error due to these movements is reduced and reliable weight readings are ensured. The load cell dummy provided with the mounting kit enables fast and easy installation even without a load cell, as overload or welding currents that are common during installation of silos may often readily damage or destroy this cell. In addition, the mounting kits of the Seismic Mount series feature generously dimensioned lift-off protection.

These mounting kits are completely maintenance-free and available for load cell capacities ranging from 20 t to 520 t. The kits ensure maximum security, even when exposed to extreme horizontal and high lift-off forces. Moreover, Seismic Mount ensures that users obtain the best weighing performance as each kit is specially matched to the load cell and weighing application.

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