Multimeter doubles as a calibrator

31 March 2011

A new process multimeter from Yokogawa is an on-site measuring instrument that offers the functionality of a digital multimeter for basic measurements such as voltage, current, and resistance, with the additional benefit of acting as a calibrator for electrical and process measurements.

Incorporating functions for repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting of plant equipment, the new CA450 is said to offer a single-unit, on-site measuring solution.

The unit is a true RMS digital multimeter with a basic measurement and generator accuracy of 0.05% and dedicated sensor modes for direct inputs from sensors such as AC/DC clamp probes. Its process-related features include loop check and 4-20 mA output generation and measurement functions.

The CA450 can also be used to carry out operating checks and adjustments on valve positioners, including zero span adjustment, response testing using the auto-step function, and tests for hunting, sticking/slipping and valve open/close errors. Controller programs can also be verified using the CA450's 4-20 mA step generation function, which switches between 4 and 20 mA in 4mA output steps.

Electrical measurements include power supply peak-to-peak measurement with instantaneous detection in the DC voltage measurement mode, and AC/DC current measurement up to 180 A AC and 3000 A AC in sensor mode. The CA450 can also be used to check panel meters for correct connection, reproducibility and errors.

The CA450 is designed to offer operator safety, featuring current terminal shutters to protect both the operator and the instrument against incorrect connection. The unit also conforms to the 600 V CAT.4 and 1000 V CAT.3 standards.

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