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Modular cooler for energy efficient heat transfer

29 March 2011

The Clix Cooler from Forward Industrial Products is a new, completely unique, modular forced air heat exchanger that is significantly more efficient and cost effective than traditional copper tube aluminium finned coil type heat exchangers.

With its patented design encompassing special aluminium multiport tubes and fins currently used in the aerospace heat transfer sector, the Clix Cooler provides energy efficiency along with reliability.

Fully welded tube to header joints and autonomous sections reduce the effects of stress caused by cyclic pressure and temperature changes. Multidirectional airflow also helps keep the heat exchanger face clean so maintaining a longer optimum working performance, so extending service life, minimising unscheduled downtime and resulting costs. Forward Industrial’s team of experienced engineers will also maintain the Clix Cooler unit, with servicing and cleaning every 12 months to ensure maximum efficiency, particularly suitable for those businesses who do not have staff available to undertake maintenance.

Unlike traditional heat exchangers, the Clix Cooler can be delivered in virtually 'flat pack' form meaning it can be assembled in most locations. The modular construction means less need for heavy lifting gear during initial assembly as well as ongoing servicing and repairs, so giving further cost savings.

Forward Industrial is offering Clix Cooler with five years on site warranty cover on the matrix and three years cover on the system motors, giving customers additional reassurance.

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