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Launch of iSense marks a milestone in remote data monitoring

16 March 2011

Hanwell’s latest innovation breaks new ground for scope of real-time data delivery

UK-based monitoring and control specialist Hanwell this week launches its groundbreaking iSense, which promises to revolutionise data monitoring across a range of industries.

The iSense range incorporates wireless GPRS technology that enables remote monitoring of diverse parameters on buildings, machinery, infrastructure or vehicles, even in locations that previously seemed inaccessible.

A number of different sensors can be attached to the iSense in order to monitor parameters such as energy currents, temperature, pressure levels and structural stress.

This real-time information is then transmitted live, via GPRS, to a central database, and can be accessed immediately on a PC for viewing, recording and assessment.

A battery life of up to five years and robust design means the self-contained iSense doesn’t require any mains power or external wiring and can continue monitoring for long periods with minimal user intervention, in temperatures as low as -20C and as high as 60C.

The device, which has been developed at the Hertfordshire headquarters of Hanwell and its parent company, the IMC Group, will have a multitude of applications across industries including temperature-controlled storage and distribution, pharmaceuticals, transport, energy, maintenance, healthcare, building and manufacturing.

The resulting data could inform decision-makers on operational efficiency, cost savings, environmental policy, compliance with legislation, energy usage, safety and conservation.

IMC Group Sales Director Derek Richardson said: "The launch of iSense represents a milestone in monitoring. It’s like nothing else on the market. For the first time, it becomes possible to measure a countless array of parameters in situations that were previously extremely difficult, if not impossible.

"Leading up to the launch, we’ve already begun dealing with enquiries from all over Europe, monitoring everything from blood temperatures in rural abattoirs to the effective working of railway signal boxes and structural strain on bridges in the countryside. In terms of the way iSense can be used, that’s just the tip of the iceberg because the possibilities are virtually endless."

Key features of iSense:

    · Date and time stamped monitoring.

    · Up to five years of battery life.

    · Transmit rate increase on event.

    · Remote set-up options.

    • Data stored in non-volatile memory.
    • All data recovered in the event of temporary GPRS coverage problems.
    • Easy-to-understand journey profile information.
    • Works with a range of sensor families.


    For more information, visit www.the-imcgroup.com or call 0844 815 6227.

  • Completely self-contained (battery operated).

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