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16 March 2011

...the new approach to product development...... 100 Page Display Memory 128M byte NAND Flash 4G+ SDHC Card Slot ARM 9 Core 190Mhz Price: 100+ £72*

Noritake Itron has introduced a range of iSMART TFT Modules to enable users to develop their application in a matter of days with limited experience of TFTs or programming.

The modules can run as a host or support serial interfaces and 8 bit CPU hosts where communication traffic needs to be a minimum. This achieved using a unique 'easy to use' object-oriented programming language.

The 4.3" version has 24 bit colour with 100 pages of display RAM, 128MByte onboard flash and 4G+ SDHC card slot giving it many of the attributes of a PC-based TFT system but at 30% of the cost with 1pc selling at £85 and 100pcs at £72.

Users can interface via RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C, Async and USB with a 1MHz CAN bus expander available. The 24 user I/O can support a 144 key matrix without the need for diodes. The module also features piezo drive, 3 PWM and 2 Analogue channels plus AC97 stereo audio bus, a real time clock with date, an analogue touch panel and integrated debugger and command trace.

The website at

Pre-release customers have described this product as a 'recession buster' due to its low implementation cost, fast turn around capability and the professional result one can achieve with relatively little effort.

Product Code: TU480X272C-K612A1TU Outer Dimensions 108x80x10.5mm

*Prices subject to terms and conditions

For further details, contact:

Itron UK Ltd, Tel: +44 (0)1493 601144 Fax: +44(0)493 600343

Info: TU480X272C Flyer Email: http://sales@itrontft.com Website: www.itrontft.com

www.itrontft.com provides ASCII and world fonts, button and background images plus application downloads which can be modified with just a text and image editor.

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