Miniature LVDT position sensors in robotic applications

14 March 2011

The compact size and accurate output of miniature LVDTs from Macro Sensors are said to make these linear position sensors ideal for providing displacement feedback in different robotic applications.

Robots and robotic arms rely on sensors to determine range of motion or force applied to an object. Attached to a robotic arm, the miniature LVDT linear position sensors detect position change when an actuator moves the robotic arm, providing an analog voltage signal, proportional to the amount of motion, to a controller that makes appropriate adjustments based on programmable set points. With the data provided by the sensor, the controller can determine when the robotic arm should stop or slow down. Macro Sensors miniature linear position sensors evaluate the robotic arm movement for optimum performance.

In addition to industrial robots, the CD 375 range of miniature LVDTs are said to be suitable as an integral part of devices such as hydraulic actuators, servo valves, medical equipment and other small mechanisms. A compact 3/8in diameter design and lightweight low mass core make the contactless position sensors suitable for applications having high dynamic response requirements such as ATMs, copy machines, plastic injection molding machines and automatic inspection equipment.

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