Industrial Ethernet switch gets Power-over-Ethernet capability

14 March 2011

The HARTING Ha-VIS 4000 family of industrial Ethernet switches has been extended to include Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, allowing devices such as cameras and wireless access points to be integrated quickly and easily into an industrial network.

In addition to offering simplified installation through the use of one cable
for Ethernet and power, the availability of both unmanaged and managed
switches enables users to access two operating modes: plug and play when
using the unmanaged Ha-VIS eCon 4080-BPoE1 and plug and play including
application-specific configuration of the PoE functions with the managed
Ha-VIS mCon 4080-BPoE1V.

Thanks to the managed PoE switches, individual PoE devices can be booted up
or shut down via a Web interface or SNMP without having to reset the entire
network. This reduces waiting times and increases network availability.

The Ethernet switches incorporate a vibration-tested M12 interface and are
designed for an extended temperature range from -40° to +70°C. They meet the
requirements of the EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2 standards.

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