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New Clare Visor enclosures launched for enhance safety testing

09 March 2011

A new range of electrical safety test enclosures incorporates a host of features to optimise safety for the operator and maximise flexibility for the production engineer.

The Clare Visor enclosures from Seaward feature a modern ergonomic design to enable production personnel to carry out the safe and controlled electrical testing of a wide range of products in compliance with EN50191. Product is supplied fully wired, fully interlocked and can provide an out of the box solution which specifies safe working conditions for electrical testing.

Constructed from heavy duty insulating plastic, the new enclosure design incorporates a special pallet system to allow the fast and simple insertion of different fixtures to accommodate the testing of a wide range of appliances and electrical/electronic devices. The large clear visor provides a wide field of view and a counter balance lift mechanism provides fast access to the equipment being tested, while requiring minimum effort from the operator.

The enclosures can be fully interfaced with electrical testing instrumentation for automated production line routines and can also be incorporated in laboratory-type environments for testing during product design and development stages. The range is available in two standard sizes and full enclosure test systems can also be pre-prepared to suit individual customer requirements.

The new range of Seaward enclosures has been introduced to complement the recently extended ClareHAL instrumentation series that includes dedicated ground bond, hipot and insulation testers, alongside a new advanced all in one electrical safety and functional test unit.

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