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SMS relay now with even more functionality

23 February 2011

Firstly there is a new analogue controller available with four digital and two analogue 4-20mA inputs. The unit is fixed in this configuration but gives the option for direct connection of 4-20mA signals without the need for a signal converter. The other analogue controller has six configurable inputs, digital or analogue 0 – 10V. All analogue inputs can be scaled in the software to match your application and values can be included in the text message.

The Call-In function simply allows outputs to be activated by calling the number instead of sending a text message. As well as being quicker and easier to activate this also saves on the cost of a text message.

Another nice feature now allows the outgoing text message to be sent to an e-mail address and is easily configured in the latest version of software.

The remote access feature allows you to remotely connect to the controller from any PC with a GSM connection. This means the controller can be remotely configured or monitored without even having to visit the installation on site.


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