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Reliability, Consistency and Flexibility in Automated Dispensing Processes

23 February 2011

  • Nordson EFD’s automated desktop and in-line dispensing systems offer reliable operation with excellent repeatability for precise application of adhesives, sealants and lubricants in many assembly and manufacturing processes.
  • With specialized PC dispensing software and CAD download capabilities, EFD robot systems are easy to program and quick to set up. True three- and four-dimensional motion control allows easy programming of dots, stripes, arcs, compound arcs and patterns on different planes. These capabilities enable our customers to tackle more complex projects that require precision dispensing and placement, while increased product quality and yield.
  • Nordson EFD’s dispensing robots offer the flexibility of working either as a stand-alone system or a key part of an automated solution, and are easily integrated into in-line transfer systems, rotary tables and pallet assembly lines.
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