Getting a clear view of the process

15 February 2011

Danish environmental company, Vestforbrænding processes around 900,000 tonnes of waste every year, 95% of which is recycled or used in energy recovery.

The publicly owned company runs six recycling centres, and also operates Denmark’s largest incineration plant, which provides both power and district heating. All of the company’s processes must be monitored and controlled.

When upgrading its process surveillance centre, the company demanded not just the unobstructed visual clarity of a rear projection system to visualise its processes, but the specified visualisation solution also needed to be compatible with the company’s environmental philosophy.

Johan Smidebrant, sales manager at Viju Sweden, a Scandinavian partner of eyevis, explains: “The exisiting system was based on lamps.We recommended DLP rear projection cubes. With fewer wearing parts, the LED light source has a longer service life compared with lamp-based cubes, which is a real environmental advantage.”

The solution chosen by Vestforbrænding is a curved wall (8°) with 12 dnp 50in EC-50-LSXT+ screens in a 6 x 2 array. The cubes have a resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels. The dnp Cross Prism screens that make up the wall offer high dimensional stability, enabling almost invisible seams, as well as eliminating speckle.

“dnp’s Cross Prism screens offer the company bright, clean images even close up, with high contrast and the wide viewing angle needed in a control centre,” said Eric Hénique, director of marketing and international sales at eyevis.

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