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Moisture protection – At Southern Manufacturing

08 February 2011

Typical sectors covered by the Brownell product range include defence, electricity generation, packaging, storage, electronics, and optics & process chemical.

Founded in 1963, Brownell Ltd is a specialist in the design and manufacture of desiccators, desiccant bags, humidity indicators and pressure relief valves, whose main purpose is to protect against moisture and atmospheric related problems which can occur in electronics, optics and storage containers etc.

The latest developments include Deluge, a range of high flow, low pressure relief valves; an electronic relative humidity indicator, which fits in the same space envelope as a conventional colour change indicator; and an expansion of the NEPS family of purging products which now cater for larger volumes as well a greater range of operating pressures.

A range of polymer desiccant products, which fulfil many applications which cannot be addressed by conventional desiccant solution is another new development from the company. These include polymer desiccants which are supplied in both mouldable and sheet forms.

Brownell Ltd has recently acquired a long-standing air compressor company called Airmark. The acquisition will compliment the existing Brownell product range, while expanding the compressor portfolio within its current customer base. The current range of compressors covers the professional industrial sector in the 10-40cfm flow range.

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