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Maintaining welding quality at can manufacturing plant

15 December 2010

An efficient production system and a good quality end product are important objectives for the Mashhad Packaging Industries Company, who are Iran’s largest manufacturer of metal cans, producing a range of shapes and sizes for factories and food industries across the country. The Mashhad factory is based in a hard water area and the resulting build up of limescale was identified as a major production problem.

The most important stage of production is the welding of the can sides to the base, as it determines the stability and appearance of the final product. Limescale build up around the solenoid control valves on the welding machine meant inaccurate and inefficient welding leading to damage to the metal.

To combat the problem, a decision was made to trial a limescale prevention system; Hydropath’s patented water conditioners were installed which made a positive impact and so two Hydroflow HS-38 units were fitted permanently. Dr Daniel Stefanini, Technical Director of Hydropath, the Nottingham based manufacturer’s comments "The client was impressed by our extensive experience in the processing and manufacturing industries and perhaps most importantly, our proven track record. The fact that the Hydroflow range will fit pipe sizes up to 5" Nominal bore size means that the majority of installations can be protected and for uncommon sizes, custom units can be ordered."

Hydropath technology emits randomly varying electric fields producing nuclei throughout the water system. When the water is heated, the resulting precipitate that is usually deposited on hot surfaces grows in suspension and develops as a crystal on the nuclei, which is then washed away in the flow.

Existing scale is dissolved in just a few months and any future build up will have been prevented.

Over a year later there has been no problems reported in connection with limescale and therefore no associated maintenance work has been necessary.

For information of the HS-38 or any of Hydropath’s water conditioning products, please visit

www.hydropath.com or telephone 0115 9869966.

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