Will 2011 be the year of Cloud?

13 December 2010

Research by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR) reports that the widespread adoption of cloud computing could give the top five EU economies a 763bn euro boost over five years and create up to 2.4m jobs.

The report suggests that Cloud costs will come down as the rapid uptake of Cloud computing service offerings brings with it economies of scale, and as services ature. The findings are backed up by analysts such as Gartner which predicts that by 2012, 20% of companies will no longer use own their own IT assets.

Although this estimates depend on numerous assumptions and uncertainties, CEBR forecasts that, by 2015 the EU’s top five economies – Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain could get a boost of 177bn euros, and create nearly half a million jobs a year.

Commenting on these statements, Piers Linney, joint CEO of world leading Cloud services and unified communications company Outsourcery, a founder member of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), said: “The Cloud revolution has been likened to the third industrial revolution after the automation of production and the arrival of steam power in the nineteenth century. Cloud services democratise IT as powerful applications are now available to businesses of all sizes. The Cloud saves businesses money, increases productivity, reduces risks, increases flexibility and transfers what were fixed costs in to variable costs.

“It is becoming clear that Cloud computing is going to achieve mainstream adoption in 2011 as businesses realise the benefits and that Cloud service providers can offer security and resilience that event large corporates are unable to afford.

“A number of technological, societal and economic developments have aligned at the same time that will ensure that the Cloud is absolutely the future home of computing power. The Cloud computing revolution will transform the way all business interface with technology and communications, and marks the next wave of the fundamental changes that the evolution of the Internet has already brought about.

Over the coming months CEE magazine will be getting the views of some of the biggest software providers to the industrial and technical sectors – we start with comments from National Instruments in the February issue…Don’t’ miss it!

To find what Sudipta Bhattacharya, Invensys Operations Management President and Chief Executive Officer, recently said about Cloud Computing, read our article at:

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