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Mecmesin turns to the production floor for quality control tests

09 December 2010

Mecmesin launches the Vortex-xt, a touch screen controlled torque tester, bringing quality control measurement straight to the point of manufacture

It’s simple set-up means manufacturers can test clockwise and counter-clockwise torques of rotary components, such as automotive and aerospace controls, medical devices and screw closures, with merely two clicks on the touch screen interface.

Utilising colour-coded results, the large, clear display enables very easy identification of pass/fail sample conformance. The Vortex-xt is designed to make routine measurements quick, yet still provide users with detailed result data, as well as reporting capabilities, if required. Users have the choice of viewing a graphical ‘live’ display of the test for observational purposes, or multiple test results in tabulated form, to begin making comparisons and, subsequently, evaluate them in more depth with a choice of calculations.

Up to 5 frequently used tests can be stored for quick access and initiation by different users, without the need for a high level of technical or test application knowledge. Password protection allows ‘administrators’ the ability to alter test set-up and template design, thereby avoiding any accidental changes to programmable functions.

Rated to 10N.m, the Vortex-xt completes Mecmesin’s range of 3 motorised torque testing systems, which includes the basic Vortex-d and the top-of-the-range Vortex-i computer-controlled test system.

John Page, Managing Director of Mecmesin comments, ‘Our goal is to make routine sample checks as easy as possible. We realise manufacturers want to make instant, time expedient checks on their products before shipment, therefore the Vortex-xt ensures reliable, user-friendly performance for production staff with minimal set-up time and training requirements. Adding versatility, this motorised torque tester can also be programmed, for those occasions where special one-off test routines are needed.’

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