Technology institute chooses youth-friendly drives for training

06 December 2010

The Institute of Technology, Sligo has purchased 50 Vacon 10 AC variable speed micro-drives, which are being used to give students practical experience in drive installation and programming.

The Vacon 10 drives, which were supplied by Electric Systems & Controls (ESC), were chosen because of their compact size, ease of use, and because they can be programmed with only a 24 V DC control supply connected.

“When we showed the Vacon 10 drives to the instructors at the Institute, they realised that they were an ideal choice for training applications,” said Jim Dempsey, Managing Director of ESC. “In particular, the small size of the units means that they can be easily accommodated in each student’s personal work area, and their iPod-like programming system is easily understood by the younger generation.

“The big advantage, however, is that they can be programmed without the need for the main 220 V supply to be present. This is an enormous benefit from a safety point of view, especially when inexperienced students are working with drives for the first time.”

Vacon 10 drives have been developed to eliminate unnecessary complexity while retaining all of the features needed for typical industrial applications. They offer PI control as standard, together with basic application macros for fans, pumps, conveyors and other frequently encountered applications. They also incorporate fully programmable I/O, comprising three digital inputs, one analogue input and one relay output.

“This extensive range of features means that the drives can be used to demonstrate and simulate almost any application scenario that the students are likely to encounter,” said Dempsey, “making them an even more attractive choice for the Institution. And, of course, their very competitive pricing was another important attraction!”

The Vacon 10 drives purchased by the Institute are 230 V single-phase units rated at 0.37 kW. Other models in the range are available with ratings up to 2.2 kW for single-phase supplies, and 5.5 kW for three-phase supplies. Depending on their rating, Vacon 10 drives range in size from just 66 x 157 x 98 mm to 100 x 262 x 109 mm, with all types being equally suitable for screw fixing or for mounting on DIN rail.

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