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Six-axis robot reduces machine cycle times

18 November 2010

AA Robotics has introduced the new fast VS Series 6 axis articulated robot range from DENSO which can reduce robotic machine cycle times by one third.

As well as the speed increase the new robot range can fit into less space, allowing machines a smaller footprint. The VS Series 6 axis robots move at speeds previously achieved by 4 axis SCARA machines. With a 20% reduction in arm width they also take up much less room.One of the main problems with high speed 6 axis robots is the flexing of the wrist cables and the damage this can cause which results in down time," says Neil Billing of AA Robotics. "The VS can now be specified with Ethernet completely through to axis 6 and an additional 7th axis servo cable for a gripper, also through to axis 6."

The VS series robots can move at speeds of 10,000mm/s carrying loads of up to 7 Kgs and with an assembly accuracy of 0.02mm precision. Their optional protection class IP67 resists even high pressure washing and cutting chips so the robot can be mounted in the harsh environment of a milling machine.

The optional communication interface with innovative internal wiring allows easy connection of Gigabit Ethernet devices and Servo Grippers directly to the robot flange to avoid the risk of tangled cables and connections. Alternatively using Ethernet I/P node support, remote I/O can be mounted on the robot tooling eliminating cables entirely.

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