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New ALS2200 linear stages

16 November 2010

ALS2200 combines anti-creep precision cross roller bearings and direct drive servo with Aerotech's well proven hard top/side sealed protection system for exceptionally smooth high precision motion.

Aerotech has launched a new range of industrial grade positioning stages that feature direct-drive linear servo motors and ultra-smooth cross roller bearings in a hard top/side sealed protection design that offers outstanding levels of positional and geometric precision for harsh production environments. The new ALS2200 range is aimed at high precision/high throughput manufacturing applications such as multi-axis laser micromachining which typically demands very tight velocity and in-position control combined with exceptionally smooth motion and micron level straightness and flatness. Free from recirculating bearing elements and with a high power cog-free linear servo motor, drive induced stage vibration is reduced to almost imperceptible levels resulting in outstanding velocity stability.

With a nominal stage width of under 204 mm, the range covers a choice of 100 mm or 150 mm travel with direct load up to 30 kg, HALAR calibrated accuracy to +/- 0.75 microns, a bi-directional repeatability of +/- 0.2 microns, and speeds to 500 mm/sec. Positioning resolution is up to 3 nanometres with zero backlash.

The small footprint ALS2200 contains the linear servo motor, anti-creep precision bearings and encoder feedback completely within the stage's side sealed protection system. The full-length metal waycover and tensioned side strap design has been successfully applied over many generations of Aerotech stages and is much preferred to bellows protection which are troublesome to maintain and tend to increase the overall stage profile. The vertical side straps prevent debris from accumulating and are under constant tension to maintain a tight seal. End mounted motor and feedback connectors facilitate easy installation and dual X-Y stages can include track type cable trays on the upper axis for a neat cable management system. The durable aluminium construction includes a scratch resistant Teflon® impregnated hard coat finish with the tabletop mounting holes finished with steel inserts to ensure long thread life.

Aerotech's direct-drive linear servo motors and non contacting linear encoders are wear free, providing extremely high reliability, and with very low maintenance required the MTBF stage life is specified at more than 20,000 hours.

Aerotech can provide a choice of PWM digital amplifiers for best acceleration and speed performance, or low-noise linear stage amplifiers where customers require no-compromise smoothness and in-position stability. Both amplifier types combine with a flexible choice of Aerotech motion controls which suit stand alone or multi-axis use with advanced controls such as Position Synchronised Output (PSO) command that completely synchronises real time multi-axis position with laser firing, camera capture, data acquisition or NDT test triggering to produce the highest quality parts or critical accuracy test procedures.

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