3D technology moves critical defect measurement forward

08 November 2010

3D Phase Measurement is an innovative measurement technique that provides three-dimensional imaging with the intention of helping to increase accuracy and productivity in aerospace and rotating equipment applications.

Paired with the XLG3 Video Borescope, this new technology provides accurate three-dimensional surface scans using a single probe tip. In effect, it can provide accurate measurement ‘on-demand’ by eliminating the need to change the probe tip to capture the measurement, streamlining the inspection process.

“3D Phase Measurement gives our customers a more efficient and accurate view of the inspection subject, “ said Ed Hubben, Senior Product Manager for the Inspection Technologies product line. “Unlike current techniques, it does not require a change from a viewing tip to a measurement tip during inspection, so speeds up the entire inspection process.”

The new imaging and measurement system is based on an existing optical metrology technique and involves projecting line patterns onto a surface, capturing the patterns in a video camera and processing the images using proprietary algorithms to produce a point cloud, 3D map of the entire surface. This is then used, in conjunction with measurement, to obtain more precise information of the defect or object being viewed. Measurement itself simply involves the placing of cursors on the full-screen image, with no need for the point matching, shadow identification or dot selection steps that can be challenging with other techniques.

Traditionally, videoprobe measurement was based on stereo or shadow techniques, which are complex techniques, and the tip of the probe had to be changed from a viewing tip to a measurement tip, adding time to the inspection process. 3D Phase Measurement offers Profile Views – a cross section view of a portion of the surface. With Profile View, the inspector can rotate and zoom to get a more accurate view of the defect. The ability to better visualise the shape and characteristics of an indication allows for well-informed decisions of serviceability of the asset.

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