Top ten instrumentation headaches – New white paper available for download

12 October 2010

Instrumentation and control engineering represent the biggest spend items in the construction of a plant – but plants have already saved over 30% on these costs by using the right technology…so argues a new industry white paper - Top Ten Instrumentation Headaches – written by Aveva Solutions.

The whitepaper argues that the instrumentation engineering process is currently dependent on many different pieces of software and sources of data that don’t interact with each other, leaving disconnects, unknowns and potential hazards, and making it difficult to re-use data across similar designs and in revamps; that most current instrumentation design technologies depend on labour-intensive, error-prone data entry through unfriendly database tables, which aren’t in tune with the way that engineers and designers instinctively work; and that the result of the way most instrumentation design systems currently work is wasted time and money.

The paper proposes that ‘visual engineering’ is the way forward. In this approach, designs can be manipulated graphically, using standard Windows ‘drag and drop’ techniques. In addition, all the instrumentation design and engineering processes and data can be interlinked within, and driven from a single application.

The Top Ten Instrumentation Headaches whitepaper is now available to download from 

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