Energy efficient MV drive for pumping application

12 October 2010

WEG has manufactured its largest ever medium voltage inverter for an oil industry-related application in the USA.

The inverter, an 8000-HP (5996kW) 950A unit is claimed to be highest efficiency (99%) and the most reliable (22-yr MTBF) medium voltage inverter available. It has been supplied to control a 7500-HP WEG motor driving mud drilling pumps while on test.

“In a single stroke we have doubled the output of our MV inverter range to 8000- HP, producing a product range that delivers 99% efficiency and 22- year MTBF, making them the most highly efficient and reliable medium voltage inverter in the world.” said Marek Lukaszczyk, WEG’s European Marketing Manager.

"It is important to note that 99% efficiency is an average 1% more efficiency than that delivered by any other medium voltage inverter on the market," said Lukaszczyk.

The performance of the MVW-01 is attributed to the WEG MV drive having just two-layer control, rather than the 3 or 5 layers of conventional MV drives, and its integration of state-of-the-art components, such as HV-IGBTs.

With the development of the new MVW-01 to 8000HP, WEG believes that is has become the first and only South American company capable of producing and testing equipment with this power range. The tests, essential to assure the equipment will support the real load during operation, have never been performed before, due to their complexity, risk and high cost. "We have made substantial investments in the construction of a new laboratory, and in expanding the dynamometer in our testing area, making us the only company in SA able to offer this kind of service," said Lukaszczyk.

The MVW-01 drives are Voltage Source Inverters (VSI) employing the latest multi-processor control architecture. They integrate a 32-bit high-performance processor (64-bits bus) with floating point capability to provide high-performance control of MV motors such as WEG’s ‘H’ Line range.

The MVW-01 inverter technology also integrates components, such as HV-IGBTs, which are used on high speed trains in Europe. This technology allows the inverter to be used in the most demanding applications, such as the mining, cement, shipping, iron metallurgy and petrochemical industries.

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