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Bolts indicate their own load

11 October 2010

Accu-Load has launched a range of bolts and studs which are capable of monitoring and indicating their load during tightening and in use.

Each fastener features a visual or digital readout option which is built into the head of the device and measures a percentage of the proof load. Each bolt is individually machined and calibrated to suit the diameter, material and bolt design.

They can be used indefinitely and can be supplied with a range of hand held mechanical or digital readout systems for remote monitoring.

The technology is widely used where vibration, thermal shock, even and accurate tensioning is required on complex flange arrangements and critical environments on processing plants.

So far the product has been used on oil platform legs and offshore equipment, heat exchangers, slew rings on cranes, mining equipment, wind farms, petrochemical plants, compressors, pumps and cylinder heads of larger engines.

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