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28 September 2010

Now it is even easier for engineers to select the right flow meter for specific applications. UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter (www.litremeter.com) has added new functionality to its website to enable its customers to accurately configure meters to meet their specific requirements.

The new flowmeter selection system enables users to drill down through specific products and options to find exactly the right meter for the job. Customers can browse by brand, type, the media to be measured, type and accuracy. There are 18 different filters to make it easy to select the exact meter required.

Litre Meter chairman Charles Wemyss explained: "We have tried to make our website as accessible and easy to navigate as possible.

"Our customers can now select exactly the meter they need to meet their needs and get the information they require before contacting our team for more detailed data.

"The whole process is intuitive and saves time. Customers can select from any of the meters in the Litre Meter range and get further information at their fingertips before ordering.

"For example, the filter allows the selection of a specific meter type, let’s say a VFF meter. This selection currently returns ten results. This can be further filtered by, for example, selecting the flow range required. Selecting a range of 0-4 ml/h returns one result – our LF15 positive displacement flowmeter, which has a range of between 0 and 45 litres per hour."

"Details of the meter appear in the result window with options to select more information or download a PDF of the meter’s specification."

Users can also select meters by specific requirements rather than by type or brand. Other options include by pipe diameter, end fitting, maximum temperature, pressure and rangeability.

Charles Wemyss added: "Selecting an autoclave end fitting, for example, returns 15 results. Information is delivered about each of the meters meeting the selection criteria.

"Users can read through the information on each of the meters that are available or filter the selection further, by brand for example."

Other selection filters include accreditation where customers can choose ATEX, Exd, Exi, UL or GOST accredited meters, and features such as data logging, power type, MODBUS or Fieldbus.

Litre Meter’s new meter selection system is live now at


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