CenFRA refocuses company with new divisions

23 September 2010

CenFRA is restructuring, positioning itself as a focused and specialist service to the food and drink industry. The robotics and automation specialist will divide the company into dedicated areas: CenFRA Assist, CenFRA Simulations, CenFRA Solutions, CenFRA Bespoke and CenFRA Technical.

Steve Blazye, the company’s new managing director, hopes the new strategy will clearly define the different areas of the business and promote CenFRA as a leading centre of automation and robotic excellence.

To support the new divisions, CenFRA will now be recruiting engineers to help the company diversify into new markets.

CenFRA Assist will continue to offer government funded audits and become the company's first point of contact. This division will be responsible for the sales function of the company, managing the distribution of enquires to supporting departments and providing new clients with the expertise they need to assess the suitability of any automated intervention for their manufacturing processes.

Technical modelling capabilities and discrete event simulation will be handled by CenFRA Simulation. The CenFRA Solutions arm of the business will largely deal with project management and be responsible for guiding customers from the audit and simulation stages through to implementation. This work will include writing up buying specifications, liaising with equipment suppliers, supervising installations, training and maintenance.

CenFRA Bespoke will offer companies the opportunity to explore automation solutions that are not currently available as off the shelf applications.

CenFRA Technical will be responsible for the company's online learning program, which has been set up in collaboration with the National Skills Academy.

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