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New high performance Infrared Cameras for NIR and thermal vision applications

21 September 2010

ALRAD IMAGING can offer Infrared cameras based on InGaAs and Microbolometer detectors manufactured by VDS Vosskuhler.

The NIR-300 Infra Red camera uses a 320 x 256 pixel InGaAS sensor and is available with Camera Link or Gigabit Ethernet interface. The NIR-300 has a spectral response in the NIR area (0,9 - 1,7 µm). The camera has a 14 bit readout at 50 images/sec. The camera is suitable for a wide range of applications including Near-infrared imaging, Thermal imaging of hot objects (in a range of 150°C to 800°C),Imaging spectroscopy, Laser beam profiling, Sorting, Semiconductor inspection, Water or moisture detection, Medical science and biology and Vision enhancement.

A high resolution version of the NIR-300 is also available under model number NIR-600/610P. These cameras have an InGaAs sensor with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels. The NIR-600P is suitable for use with C mount lenses while the NIR-610P can be used with F mount lenses. The camera has peltier cooling allowing longer exposure times.

The IRC-300 camera is sensitive in the 8-14 micron region of the IR spectrum and can be considered for applications in the automation, quality- and process control as well as for scientific research and development.

The camera incorporates an uncooled microbolometer detector, enabling it to resolve temperature distinctions smaller than 80 mK in an area from 20 - 200 °C @ F/1.0. At a frame rate of 40 Hz the camera delivers excellent, noise-free and high-resolution images with 320 x 240 pixels.

The IRC-300 camera is offered in two OEM-Versions:-

As "IRC-300CL / IRC-300GE" and "IRC-320CL / IRC-320GE" the IRC-300 camera becomes equipped with the pre-processing module CPP-1000 or the GIP-1000. Within the modules all necessary correction functions are executed in real time. The IRC-300CL has a Camera Link output and the IRC-300GE is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet output.
The IRC-320 series is equipped with an additional mechanical shutter for automatic background correction.

The new IRC-640GE camera is designed for detection in the range of 8 -14 µm (LWIR) and is ideal for resolving temperature differences smaller than 80 mK in a range from -20 to +80 degrees C @ F/1.0. The camera operates at a frame rate of 24 Hz and incorporates a maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detector and on-board real time image correction resulting in excellent noise-free and high-resolution images with 640 x 480 pixels via a 14 bit Gigabit Ethernet output.

Due to its compact design the camera can be considered for use in a wide range of applications including automation, quality and process control as well as for scientific research and development.

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