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SICK Colorranger enables 3D colour imaging

14 September 2010

SICK (UK), the leading international sensor and sensing systems manufacturer, has enabled high-speed 3D scanning and colour imaging in parallel, with the launch of the cutting-edge ColorRanger E. Read more

The newest addition to SICK’s innovative range of 3D sensors, the ColorRanger E offers the functionality of a 3D camera with a line-scan colour camera, to provide two modes of quality inspection within a single unit.

The new camera, which can significantly improve the ease, reliability and speed of the quality control process, can measure colour, shape, contrast, volume and height, to ensure product quality. It is ideal for use in applications including food processing, electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and building material production.

The ColorRanger E provides high-resolution RGB colour, up to 3,072 pixels per channel. Using MultiSCan technology the camera can deliver simultaneous 3D colour information at more than 11 kHz.

Multiple inspections can be performed in parallel, at full production speed, reducing the need for multiple cameras. This can save investment, maintenance and labour costs, as well as time, and makes it easier to combine data for analysis.

David Hannaby, Vision Systems product manager, SICK (UK) commented: “Height, shape and volume have traditionally been measured to ensure quality control, however, the ColorRanger E can enable the measurement of a totally new dimension; colour.

“Adding the ColorRanger E to the production process can deliver a level of quality assurance that can only be achieved by measuring colour, this is exceptionally important when aesthetics, for example, are a critical factor.

“More reliable inspections can be achieved by considering the measurement of both dimension and colour, enabling the manufacturer to reduce waste and save cost.”

The ColorRanger E delivers high-quality 3D and multi-linear colour data, including RGB, near and IR and monochrome without IT content, on a Gigabit Ethernet communication interface which facilitates convenient remote PC access for quality monitoring.

Colour is ensured by well separated colour filters of high spectral response, on-chip white balancing, and spatially corrected colour channel output. To eliminate interference from the different light sources used for 3D and colour imaging, the ColorRanger E has a filter option for light source separation.

For more information on the SICK ColorRanger E, please contact: Ann Attridge or Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email ann.attridge@sick.co.uk or andrea.hornby@sick.co.uk.

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