Techno website to provide LabVIEW drivers

31 August 2010

Techno Linear Motion Systems is offering free LabVIEW drivers on its website that are compatible with a variety of Techno controllers and machines. The drivers allow direct control through LabVIEW of the Techno motion controller for pick and place, dispensing, assembly, testing, drilling, routing, welding, inspection and general automation.

“Users of LabVIEW can now easily interface many of our Techno controllers and machines to their projects, drastically reducing programming time,” said Joe Griffin, Techno Linear Motion sales manager. “The drivers are compatible with the IT116FL, C142 and iMC-P1 stepper controllers as well as the newer iMC-V servo controllers. Certain legacy controllers can be used as well; those include the C10, C116 and the IT116G stepper controllers. Techno’s DaVinci, ICP and TechnoMod xyz gantry machines can also be driven using the virtual instruments (VI’s) provided.”

Motion of all axes can be controlled as well as reading inputs and turning outputs on and off. Customers can download the drivers through the Techno Linear Motion Systems web site:, and view a list of compatible controllers, slides and machines.

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