Tool taper cleaning device by T+S-JAKOB

19 August 2010

Within just a few seconds, this intelligent solution maximizes productivity. Idle time caused by manual cleaning of tool tapers can be considered a thing of the past.

One of the most important criteria when expecting the treatment of work pieces in state-of-the-art milling machines to go off without a hitch is keeping the tool clamping force at a steady level despite changing tools. Even with properly shielded tool magazines and changers, it is almost impossible to avoid dirt - such as chips or cooling lubricant from the processing chamber - settling on the tool taper. In order to tackle this issue before problems arise, T+S-Jakob GmbH & Co. KG from Pfronten in Bavarian Allgäu has developed a compact and economic automation solution for chip removal metal working: a tool taper cleaning device. Idle times during high-precision processes caused by manual cleaning can thus be considered a thing of the past.

For 40 years T+S-Jakob has been one of the leading specialists when it comes to the design, production, and assembly of sophisticated devices such as cutting tools for food packages or tool changers and magazines for milling machines. Besides products of the highest quality, the company offers its customers an active and extensive service.

Consequently, it is no coincidence that international companies especially from packaging technology and the machine-tool building industry set their trust in the know-how of the technicians and engineers from Pfronten.

Currently, the tool taper cleaning devices produced by T+S-Jakob guarantee for increased productivity in more than 100 milling machines by keeping the quality at an extremely high level all through the treatment process of work pieces. When regular cleaning of the tool tapers is neglected, residues can cause peripheral run-outs and spin imbalances of the tools.

As a consequence, a higher number of work pieces have to be discarded, tools wear out more quickly, and idle time arising due to manual cleaning has to be accepted. The system made by T+S counteracts these issues permanently and reliably. The concept of the intelligent construction is rather simple: before changing into the main spindle, the tool taper stops at a cleaning unit. Via a lifting unit, the T+S system is positioned and the tool taper to be cleaned is brought into centre position. Three rotating brushes remove dust or chips from the tool taper within just three seconds - gently and efficiently. A powerful jet of compressed air blows off the removed residue, which is then extracted via outlets. After the cleaning process, the lifting unit gets the device back to its original position and the tool can be clamped again.

Tool taper cleaning devices are used in machining centres and lathes as well as in manipulators and automation lines for tool handling. Depending on the customer's specific requirements, the standard device is available as an all-in-one solution including an integrated lifting unit or as an individual component. In both cases, it is maintenance-free and can be applied vertically and horizontally. It is produced for the standard hollow shank tapers (types HSK 50, HSK 63 and HSK 100/Form A, C and E) as well as for steep-angle tapers (types SK 40, SK 45, and SK 50). In addition, T+S carries solutions for large machines and heavy-duty cutting facilities such as types SK 50 BIG+, SK 60 or for special tapers such as Capto and Kennametal in its portfolio. Since the shape of the brushes is adapted to the tool taper, the results leave nothing to be desired. These models are suitable for vertical and horizontal application, too.

New in the programme: an extremely compact and flat cleaning device to be used in confined installation spaces. It can be used with hollow shank tapers types HSK 63 or HSK 100 and cleans them with compressed air. This solution is extremely economic in terms of space and can be applied vertically and horizontally.

A table version of this innovative cleaning device is meant to be used during preparatory work. This device works independently from any system and is made for cleaning the tool holder during the pre-setting stage, i.e. while the tools are extracted from the machine's magazine, the tool holder is cleaned from dust and remaining cooling lubricant. Especially after a longer period of disuse, cleaning the tool tapers makes perfect sense.

Regardless of which system the customer chooses: clean tool tapers guarantee for perfect fit and constantly high production quality. As a special bonus, the cleaning device helps to reduce maintenance costs - a fact which makes the system a safe and economic investment in the future.

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