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HTQ High Efficiency green energy

17 August 2010

With the focus on renewable energy, Magnetic has developed a direct coupling solution to meet the needs for a reliable and efficient permanent magnet motor/generator for renewable energy applications and high efficiency drive systems. Read more

The HTQ designed with high overload capacity, and conversion performance to exploit the momentary increase in wind speeds, (gust management), and wave variations seen in wave power applications.

The HTQ series use multi pole (up to 22) rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets, Fitted in a propriety method and completely enclosed. The mechanic and magnetic circuits are defined, controlled, and stable under all operating conditions.

The proprietary copper coating used in the HTQ series has temperature rating class H for inverter applications, double vacuum impregnation with class H resins.

Conversion efficiencies greater than 80% with cut in wind speeds and rotor speeds close to zero; (depending on the rotor design) the HTQ is capable of generating useful amounts of energy from a wide range of climatic conditions.

Light weight aluminium construction, hollow and shaft versions.
If you need further technical information, or to find a suitable HTQ generator/motor for your application, contact: Alldrives & Controls, the UK representative for Magnetics Italy.

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