Keeping chickens happy in Hungary

17 August 2010

Her-Csi-Hús Kft, Hungarian poultry processor, has turned to Sealed Air Cryovac to assist in the launch of a premium line of chicken products. The company wanted its new Bo-Csi Happy Chicken range to stand out from other products and appear credible to customers.

The food processor already supplies the Hungarian market with 10 million broiler chickens a year. The company says it is is committed to sustainability, basing its activity on uncompromising food safety, product quality and environmental protection. The Happy Chicken Animal Welfare Program stipulates standards that surpass existing European Union legislation. The program ensures high-quality vegetable-only animal feed, a spacious and light living environment for the chickens, and a growing process spanning 45 days, as opposed to the standard 35-day cycle. Therefore, Her-Csi-Hús wanted to select packaging for these goods that would both protect and promote their superior quality.

Her-Csi-Hús turned to Sealed Air, which integrated Cryovac SES. As well as providing secure hermetic seals, preventing leakage and eliminating cross-contamination, the stretch-shrink-film offers abuse-resistance, neat appearance, excellent hygiene and 360° printability for maximum communication. This has enabled quality printing of information on the Animal Welfare Program and on the premium products’ nutritional value.

Norbert Dupsi, sales and marketing manager of Her-Csi-Hús, said: “Cryovac SES packaging has allowed us to differentiate our products on the market and we are so pleased with the results that we’re thinking about implementing this packaging for other products in our range.”

István Oláh, administrative manager, adds, “The high quality of printing that SES offers enhances the opportunities we have to communicate on the Animal Welfare Program.”

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