Protect Your Cables From Extreme Temperatures

10 August 2010

Leading industrial cable protection provider Anamet Europe is encouraging companies to swap traditional glass fibre wrap type cable protection for state-of-the-art coverings that can withstand temperatures of up to 538°C.

The company, which specialises in flexible connection and protection systems for cables, pipes and hoses, offers 14 different heat protection products, including a number that can be retrofitted around multiple cables or hoses.

Cabling used within areas that are subject to prolonged high temperatures or sudden bursts of intense heat, such as those found within brick, ceramic and cement kilns, foundries, heat treatment facilities, engineering and fabricating plants and the process industries, need to be protected. Traditionally, many organisations have retro-covered these cables in glass fibre bandaging, however, this is extremely labour intensive and needs replacing regularly.

As a result, Anamet has developed a range of easy-to-fit products designed to give long-lasting heat protection. There are two types of products available, braided sleeves which cover individual cables and braided tape and wrap which can be used to cover individual or multiple cables that have already been installed.

Braided sleeves provide the ultimate heat protection for cables and hoses. They consist of a solid E grade glass fibre braided sleeves coated with thick silicone rubber and are available with a choice of Nickel plated brass fittings. There are three different products within the Hiprojacket range available depending on the levels of constant and periodic temperature resistance required.

Meanwhile, for those who want to retrofit heat protection around multiple cables, there are a choice of three different products, from Hiprotape to the heavy duty Hiproblanket Wrap H-TB, which can sustain a constant temperature of +260°C and up to 1,090°C for periods up to 20 minutes. These too are manufactured from braided fibreglass and coated in iron-oxide silicon rubber.

One of the key benefits of the silicon rubber coating is that it sheds molten metal, meaning that if sparks or droplets hit the cable they will simply roll off on to the floor, preventing the long-term damage that would be sustained if they were to stick to the covering.

At the top end of the scale for heat protection, is Thermojacket S, which is manufactured from braided E grade fibreglass and coated with acrylic saturant, enabling it to withstand continuous temperatures between -55° to +538°C.

All of Anamet’s products are designed to be extremely durable and long lasting even when used in the most hostile of environments. In circumstances of transient high temperature, such as during metal pouring operations, where temperatures of up to 500°C for a period of around five minutes are experienced, the Hiprojacket will provide a reduction of 50% to the internal temperature, whilst Thermojacket delivers a reduction of about 30% for a single layer cover and up to 40% for a double layer installation.

Ed Dickson, UK Sales Representative for Anamet, said: “The need to upgrade cable protection is a common issue across many industry sectors resulting from the desire for continuous process improvement and increased plant reliability which in turn has led to higher temperatures being used in many processes.

“As a result, Anamet is continuously developing and upgrading the performance qualities of our products to ensure that they meet the heat protection levels required both now and in the future.”

Anamet Europe BV was founded in Holland more than 60 years ago and now supplies Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The company specialises in the supply of a range of flexible connection and protection systems for cables, pipes and hoses and offers a wide range of products to suit a variety of different industry applications.

The company’s staff are highly trained and are on-hand to provide customers with the in-depth technical information required to assist in suitable product choice.

For further information about the range of heat protection products available from Anamet or to request a brochure, telephone Ed Dickson on 07836 508481 or visit

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