Flowmeters ensure accurate vending

26 July 2010

Tudor Tea and Coffee is using Digmesa flowmeters from Litre Meter to precisely measure coffee in vending machines. The UK beverage specialist took receipt of 500 flowmeters.

The meters offer a measuring accuracy of +/- 0.25 per cent across a temperature range from -10 to +120°C. The design is based on detection of electronic pulses generated by an impeller turned by the fluid flow.

Charles Wemyss of Litre Meter said: “Litre Meter’s strength has traditionally been in flowmeters for particularly demanding situations, often with meters almost custom-designed and built for particular applications. Digmesa gives our customers access to an off-the-shelf range of accurate and robust meters, which meet the needs of a vast range of drink vending, blending and dispensing applications.

“These Digmesa meters ensure that Tudor Tea and coffee vending machines dispense the carefully roasted coffee in precisely controlled amounts to ensure a consistent cup of coffee every time.”

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