‘World’s first’ multi-line laser light sensor

Author : Dr.-Ing. Tim Weis; Product Manager, Industrial Vision Components, Pepperl+Fuchs

06 July 2010

With the LineRunner400 Pepperl+Fuchs presents the first opportunity to make high accuracy three dimensional measurements on objects that are either standing still or in motion. The robust measuring process is well adapted for many detection tasks in factory automation.


With common laser light sensors, an object can be measured two-dimensionally in x and y directions while it is in standstill mode. Three dimensional measurements can be taken only when the object is moving and captured several times with the laser light sensor. But, three-dimensional measurement at standstill is not possible.

The multi-line laser light sensor LR400 is based on the triangulation principle. Using several laser light lines, it can accurately measure an object even if it is standing still.

The instrument has all of the processing power on board to make a complete evaluation and measurement of the object. It can therefore be used as a standalone sensor without a PC.

And, unlike conventional camera technology, the laser light process guarantees robust measurements, even with various object and background colours and ambient light.

One special function of the LR400 is that it offers the possibility for the user to activate the laser lines in any definable order. This allows users to implement adapted measuring strategies for the relevant application to optimise performance and speed of the measurement.

Another user benefit is that the instrument is classified as “Laser protection class 1,” which spares the user complex and expensive protective measures.

With these features, Pepperl+Fuchs says the LR400 can be used in many applications such as presence checks, 3D shape measurement, position control, height control, volume measurement and tolerance control.

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