Hilscher launches 'web visualisation plug' for Simatic®S7 PLCs

11 June 2010

The netLINK SCADA provides a cost-efficient way to view an S7 PLC anywhere on the web. With it, users can visualise and control data of a SIMATIC-S7 PLC via ordinary web browsers such as Internet Explorer® or Firefox®. The plug mounts directly onto the S7 PROFIBUS / MPI interface and integrates easily into the existing office or plant network using the Ethernet connector.

The graphical sites are created and downloaded to the integrated web server using the atvise® builder software which is included with the netLINK. This tool imports the PLC variables and symbols from the original STEP®7 project file for use on any graphical element.

There are 24 Ethernet sockets that enable simultaneous visualisation from multiple diagnostic and monitoring stations.

Up to 32 PLCs of the connected PROFIBUS / MPI network can be viewed all at once.

Hilscher claims that, within minutes, the intuitive builder tool “guides you in five simple steps delivering an impressive and professional visualisation.”

More details can be found on the product section netLINK NL 50N-MPI-ATVISE at www.hilscher.com

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