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ProSoft communication modules for Rockwell platform

24 May 2010

ProSoft Technology announces communication modules for the new Logix-XT control-platform from Rockwell Automation which has been designed for industrial automation applications in extreme environments.

ProSoft Technology is well known for its “Industrial Wireless” range of solutions. In fact, the roots of the company are in the “Industrial Protocol” solutions for automation applications: ProSoft Technology’s first product range (initiated in 1988!) were communication interfaces for Rockwell Automation controllers (modules installed inside the controller rack). And because of ProSoft Technology’s long term experience in providing tightly integrated network interface solutions to users of this family of controllers, the communication specialist has been able to offer interface solutions for the new Logix-XT (eXTreme environments) product family as well.

This Logix-XT new platform from Rockwell Automation helps automation specialists to lower the costs of their installation and maintenance, by reducing the need for additional heating and cooling equipments to controller cabinets in extreme environments.

This product family operates in a broad temperature spectrum, and meets standard requirements (ANSI/ISA-S71.04-1985 Class G1, G2 and G3; cULus, Class 1 Div 2; C-Tick; CE; ATEX Zone 2; SIL 2) for increased protection against salts, corrosives, moisture/condensation, humidity and fungal growth. The active controller components are separated in the rack of the controller by vented faceplate segments; these segments provide increases air flow, offer a thermal cushion, and help to lower the need for air-conditioning panels.

As part of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system, the Logix-XT family uses the same programming software, information capabilities and network protocols as other systems. This also helps end-users reduce overall integration costs.

As industrial applications reach further into remote locations of the world, automation engineers require specially designed control equipment to survive extreme environments. And communication modules also have to be specially designed. This is were ProSoft technology supports the Logix-XT product family.The company is launching two communication modules (initiating its MVI56E-XT series), for the popular Modbus Master/Slave and Modbus TCP/IP networks.

These modules conform to the EN60079-0 and EN60079-15 standards for caustic and extreme environment applications. They operate in a broad temperature spectrum (-25ºC to 70ºC), are conformal coated and specifically designed for the rugged environments.

These new ProSoft Technology modules are available globally through the Rockwell Automation channel. Each ProSoft Technology product comes with a 3-year warranty and unlimited technical support.

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