Tine automates new dairy plant

21 May 2010

Tine BA, a Norwegian dairy producer, has awarded SPX a $10 million (€8 million) contract for an advanced continuous margarine and butter processing system. The new Tine Jaeren plant in southwest Norway will utilise technology from Gerstenberg Schroder, a company SPX acquired earlier this year.

Founded in 1928, Tine is a dairy product cooperative consisting of more than 15,000 farmers and produces a wide spectrum of dairy products, including Jarlsberg cheese, Snofrisk goat cheese and Ridder cheese.

SPX Flow Technology manufactures, engineers and installs components and turnkey solutions for the global food processing industry, leveraging its core product lines, including APV, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell and Gerstenberg Schroder. The fully automated system will be designed to enable Tine to continuously process both butter and margarine spreads in the same production facility. In addition, the system will be configured to deliver environmental benefits through low water and energy consumption.

Gerstenberg Schroder's end-to-end processing system will be designed to enable Tine to minimize the operational water consumption on the butter maker. The system will be built to capture most of the fluids used during the cleaning in place process, and thus reduce the costs and disruption of the disposal process versus systems that do not capture most fluids. Fluids will be preconditioned to the temperature required for the cleaning which can result in a reduction of cleaning time. These features, along with the fact that the electric motors are often controlled by a frequency converter, are expected to help minimize the plant's overall energy consumption.

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