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The EIPE Skorpion PoE Injector – Single Point PSE

18 May 2010

Contemporary Controls has introduced the EIPE, a single-point PoE injector. As power sourcing equipment (PSE), the EIPE is capable of sourcing 15.4 W at its OUT connector.

The advantage of the EIPE is that it can be powered by a 24 VAC/VDC supply and therefore does not require a 48 VDC source to generate the required PoE voltage. This ‘single cable solution’ is ideal for installations where there is no availability of low voltage power.  It also saves in wiring cost and installation expense.

The EIPE Power over Ethernet (PoE) Power Injector in the Skorpion family offers a simple method of connecting a single PoE end-device to a non-PoE 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch. In automation systems, 24 VAC/VDC power is very common and the EIPE accepts this input and internally transforms it to the 48 VDC required for PoE. The EIPE is compliant to the IEEE 802.3af standard and is considered mid-span Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) that resides between the non-PoE switch and the Powered Device (PD) delivering the required 15.4 watts of power at its output connector. The EIPE is ideal for applications when 48 volt PoE power is unavailable.

Like all Skorpion products the EIPE Power Injector is powered from a 24 VAC or VDC source. This input power requirement eliminates the need for a 48 VDC power supply (and its expense) typically associated with PoE requirements. In many industrial control systems 24 VDC is readily available within the control panel, just like 24 VAC is available at the BAS system. By utilising the readily available power sources the EIPE internally generates the 48 VDC PoE power eliminating any concerns regarding grounded primary power and supplies it to the Powered Device (PD).

There are two RJ-45 connectors on the unit. The top connector, labelled Ethernet, attaches to the non-PoE switch while the bottom connector, labelled PoE, attaches to the PD. Transmit and receive signals are freely passed between the two connectors as if the injector was not present. However, 48 VDC power is injected into the spare pins on the bottom RJ-45 connector for use by the PD. The injector does not interfere with any communication between the non-PoE switch and the PD.

The Power Injector supports the 802.3af protocol for powering up devices. With the Power Injector powered up, an Ethernet cable is attached to the PD. No power is applied to the PD until a valid 25 kΩ resistance, called the signature, is sensed by the Power Injector. Once this value is sensed, the Power Injector applies power to the unused pairs thereby powering the PD. Even with total cable length approaching 100 m, the PD can assume that a minimum of 12.95 watts is available at its input pins.

The EIPE utilises a rugged metal enclosure and metal DIN-rail clip for control panel mounting.

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